Gill Wilson

Gill Wilson produces handmade paper using natural plant fibre as the raw material for architectural and interior schemes. The pulp is hand dyed to produce a palette which ranges from the most subtle natural tones to full colour saturation. Any range of colours, hues and tones can be achieved.

Textures range from richly fibrous to perfectly smooth and are further enhanced by tooling, casting, spraying and layering. The finished artwork can be produced to any size, from domestic spaces to installations of unlimited scale.

The process of papermaking is central to Gill's work. Natural, organic plant fibre is a uniquely sensuous material which she manipulates in response to ideas and concepts. The pieces are all made to work within interior spaces and to act as punctuations in a busy, chaotic and technology-driven world.

Gill Wilson's work draws on the fundamental geometry of the natural world. She has worked with plant fibre pulps for the last 30 years after an inspirational study tour to Japan. Since then she has visited and formed relationships with other papermakers in Europe, Canada, and the USA and most recently during a three-month study tour in India.

Her work is characterised by an innovative manipulation of the material – a malleable medium which can be liquid enough to be spayed yet dense enough to be cast. Her original training in Japan taught her to work with the essential simplicity of the medium with the qualities of aesthetic purity and ecological sustainability.

Prices range from £1,000 - £5,000 and can be commissioned.